About Us

Livestock Equipment and Animal Nutrition / LEAN is a leading company in livestock equipment and animal feed additives. We offer a broad range of products, solutions, and services from the main leading brands in the market, making them your partners in providing you with excellent products, equipment, and supplies to improve your animals’ wellbeing, health, and productivity.

Our vast market experience goes beyond selling standard products. Our portfolio of specialty products and services fosters comprehensive end-to-end strategies for developing or increasing any new or existing business.

We have a sound work team encompassing high-level professionals with a thorough knowledge of all of the products we offer and the markets we serve.



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We respect is present in every

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Know why you should choose us!

Our Differentiators: Specialization, Experience, and Soundness have ensured our

customers’ full satisfaction. The experience and professionalism that we deliver in the

value proposition of our products and services have made us stand out in the market,

integrating effectively personalized solutions that guide our customers on their path to

success and growth.

At LEAN, we identify and analyze the target market and business opportunity,

developing procedures as required from all standpoints: strategic, economic and

financially feasible to convert a business opportunity into a specific project, using the

most innovative products in the market.